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Federated States of Micronesia Tourism Information

Although it can be quite a trek, no matter really what part of the globe you will be arriving from, a trip to the Federated States of Micronesia is quite unlike any other. A visit to any of the four main island states of Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae or Yap will be spectacular and special in its own unique way. Dive the Chuuk Lagoon and relive World War II history. Take a tour of ancient Nan Madol (an architectural mystery) in Pohnpei. Stroll the sandy beaches of Kosrae’s Sleeping Lady. On Yap, you won’t need to visit a museum to see, feel and live the culture. If you have the extra time and can make a visit to any of the various outer islands, prepare yourself for another treat! Micronesia still retains the simple beauty and splendor of the islands at their purest and best – the way nature intended them to be!

One of the most remarkable impressions that you will take from a visit to Micronesia will be the people. Micronesian hospitality is second to none. You will experience genuine warmth, kindness and consideration from people you will have only just met.

A trip to Micronesia is not usually a casual affair. It will take planning on your part as visitor. It will take time to get there. Once you return, and you have tales to tell, you will find few who even know that there is a “Micronesia”! We value the people who even know of Micronesia, much less have spent some time with us on our islands. Once you make that journey, it is almost inevitable that you will become part of our Micronesian family.

Allow yourself time. Come visit our beautiful islands. Come get to know our people. Come visit Micronesia and you will experience memories of a lifetime.